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Start Enjoying Your Fireplace Again

It's never been easier to enjoy your wood burning fireplace. Ashes to Go is a unique fireplace insert tray that collects the ashes from your fireplace and allows you to quickly, cleanly displose of them in only a few minutes. No mess. No fuss.


Fits seamlessly into most fireplaces.


Durable, lightweight construction.


Lid seals ashes in and prevents messes.


Trap door allows ashes to be "poured" easily.

The Ideal solution to an age old problem

There's nothing like a warm fire on a chilly night to add beauty and romance to a home. Cleaning up the ashes after the fire has finished is a completely different story. The ash buckets, shovels and brushes clutter your living room year round and the ashes that swirl into the room when you use them are a constant problem.

Ashes to Go makes these problems a thing of the past. The low profile tray inserts easily under your grate and collects the ashes as the fire burns. When the ashes have cooled, cleanup happens in three easy steps:

Ashes to go unclutters your living room fireplace and make cleaning up after a fire simple, fast, and clean. Try it and you'll never go back to the buckets and shovels.


"I would like to thank ASHES TO GO for making using a woodburning fireplace a snap. ASHES TO GO is the ultimate fireplace accessory. The advantages of ASHES TO GO is priceless. ASHES TO GO is the modern state of the art fireplace accessory. Durable, no hassle, and convenient. The fireplace is a breeze to clean now. Thanks..."

Glen Miller
Garlan, TX

"ASHES TO GO is the breakthrough in owning a fireplace. There is no doubt that I will never use the pan, shovel and broom again. Using ASHES TO GO makes cleaning the fireplace so easy. I put ASHES TO GO under the grate, burn my wood in the fireplace, let it cool and pull the tray out. Once I get it out, I place the lid cover on top. How simple is that? Cleaning the fireplace is almost quicker than explaining how to clean it. Common sense tells me that the shovel, pan, and broom is out. ASHES TO GO is in."

Charles Trotter
San Fransisco, CA

"I'm an 80 year old widow and I have a fireplace. I love the fire. ASHES TO GO is the best investment that I have ever purchased and it was within my budget. ASHES TO GO is light enough in weight that I can carry it. It is convenient, fast, and no hassle. I enjoy my fireplace more now that I have ASHES TO GO."

Willie Mae Cleveland
Detroit, MI


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