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Why Use Ashes to Go?






Place Ashes to Go tray...

The Ashes to Go tray slides under your grate. The back of the tray rests against the back legs of your grate and the front legs of your grate hold the tray securely in place.

Ashes collect...

As the fire burns the ashes collect in the tray.

Wait for ashes to cool...

Once the ashes are completely cool you lift the front of your grate and slide the tray forward with the front handle.

Slide lid into place...

Slide the Ashes to Go lid into place over the tray to seal in the ashes.

Carry the tray...

Carry the tray to a trash receptacle by the handles.

Empty Ashes

Empty the ashes by pouring them out through the trap door.

Questions Answered

Will the Ashes to Go tray fit into my fireplace?

The majority of manufactured fireplaces are 36 inches wide by 17 inches deep. Ashes to Go was designed specifically to fit easily into these fireplaces. Ashes to Go will fit into any standard, woodburning fireplace that is at least 17 inches deep with a standard movable grate.

Can the Ashes to Go tray be used with hot coals or ashes?

The Ashes to Go tray should NEVER be used to transport hot coals or ashes. It is only designed to be used after the coals and ashes have cooled completely.

Will the heat from the fire damage the tray?

The Ashes to Go tray is constructed of galvanized 18 gauge steel that can withsatand heats in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit without losing it's shape or finish. The average fireplace will never produce that level of heat.

Can I buy Ashes to Go at retail stores?

The Ashes to Go fireplace tray is currently only sold through this website.

Where is the product made?

The product was invented in Fishers, Indiana and is manufactured in Chicago, Illinois.

Is there a warranty or replacement policy?

The Ashes to Go fireplace tray ships with a 3 year guarantee against manufacturers defects. We will replace any tray that is damaged due to manufacturing defects with a new unit free of charge.

Who should I contact with product questions?

You can access all of our contact information here.

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